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Matt Hudson

Matt is the worlds first Biofield Engineerhe is able to de-construct non-verbal communication in the blink of an eye. He was born with profound hearing loss which harnessed his visual ability, allowing him to witness people accessing their problems within their own Biofield.

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Biofield Engineer

Matt has been able to demonstrate that Emotional Memory Images (EMI) held within the Biofield triggers the amygdala (primitive brain) to fire up the HPA axis in response to the perceived threat that the brain believes is real. Hudson is able to demonstrate how False Evidence Appears Real (FEAR) to the amygdala, which is responsible for our emotions. Matt says “Many people see but they fail to observe the basic principals of communication.”

I believe that the Biofield is a culmination of life experiences and memories that can trigger our immune system. Whilst an Emotional Memory Image remains stuck, the immune system will struggle to recalibrate and people continue to suffer with mental disorders and physical illness. 



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Bestselling author

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Behavioural change consultant

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Clear your mind - iSwipe

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There are several reasons for developing burn out, none of which will point you to your Biofield and how the context or situation that you are in is triggering your amygdala. The iSwipe method can help you with a personal session.



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