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It’s no use closing the gate after the horse has bolted. It’s an old saying that holds true for burn out. At iSwipe we would rather prevent the burn out than work with putting you back together again. There is usually time to intervene long before the burn out happens.

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There are several reasons for developing burn out, none of which will point you to your Biofield and how the context or situation that you are in is triggering your amygdala. Once the amygdala is switched on, the next step in this chemical chain is the HPA axis, which fuels your system with adrenaline, leaving you wired but tired, exhausted and feeling useless. At this stage your Screen fills with negative images and causes you to feel overwhelmed. Act now, the iSwipe method can help you.

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Burn out in teachers and students is becoming more and more common as the burden of having to perform, hit targets or pass exams, becomes more intense. If you were to imagine travelling down the motorway and your windscreen blacked out then you would hit the break instantly. This is exactly what is happening to many teachers and students as their own Screen blocks within their Biofield, leaving them stressed and anxious for no ‘real’ reason. The iSwipe method helps you with these burn out symptoms.

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Burn out in businesses is very common, but how can you prevent this? The iSwipe method looks at key indicators on the Screen within your Biofield that can not only tell you why you are heading for burn out but, more importantly, predict how to avoid it in the first place. As soon as your Screen is cleared you will feel a whole new connection with your work and more importantly yourself. Your performance will rise as the threat response from your amygdala diminishes. iSwipe will set you free.

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Burn out vs depression

Do you have burn out or depression? From a conscious or surface level we can see a whole host of reasons for why burn out and depression can be different. For example: if someone you know just died, then you may be depressed but not burned out. Or if you are bored at work after doing the same job for years, you may have a burn out but not be depressed. From the perspective of the Screen inside your biofield, there is no difference between them. Both can be sorted with the iSwipe method.

Burn out is when long term exhaustion meets diminished interest

Matt Hudson


Self development, Steve

It’s hard to believe that after years of struggling with my problem that you were able to just swipe it from my Screen...I didn’t even know I had a Screen!”

Anxiety, Nele

It was a fascinating conversation with Matt. He immediately put me at ease and was genuinely interested in my story. I have been troubled by anxiety for a while and am not sleeping well because of this. Matt offered a solution that allowed me to put the nightmares in my sleep in perspective. Now I sleep like a baby the whole night.

Self development, Daniel

An insightful and engaging process. Thank you

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In order to help others to be free of their mental or physical issues, we need you and that is why we have dedicated this area to you so other’s can learn about your journey to recovery. Yes, we know that you have been everywhere else, struggled for years and didn’t believe how simple, fast and effective iSwipe is… Tell us your story!

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There are several reasons for developing burn out, none of which will point you to your Biofield and how the context or situation that you are in is triggering your amygdala. The iSwipe method can help you with a personal session.



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