Enhancing Performance and Accelerating Recovery with iSwipe

Enhancing Performance and Accelerating Recovery with iSwipe

If you are familiar with the work of Prof. Timothy Noakes [i], then you will already know about the ‘Central Governor’ [ii] and how this, still as yet, unidentified part of the brain, inhibits an athlete’s performance. Well here is a newsflash “iSwipe is the ‘Central Governor’”.

Matt Hudson, author and Behavioural Change Consultant, believes that he has found how to influence the Central Governor without the need for performance enhancing drugs or gadgets; he’s directing your mind to success, with his iSwipe method. The theory suggests that there is an electro magnetic field around each human being and the main operating system is in front of us, called ‘the Screen’. Information that is collected via ‘the Screen’ is then filtered into the brain and the central nervous system, where it is utilised for the survival of the person.[iii]

The most exciting part of this work is that it is also being used to transform chronic pain patients into healthier and happier individuals. Although in its infancy, the results call for more research to be carried out and further examination of this body mind connection.

The iSwipe Centre opens in Antwerp shortly so hurry along and let’s see how quickly your life can change for the better.  When you consider that the mind is not the brain it makes perfect sense that to change how you think can transform chronic pain and enhance your performance on and of the sports field.

iSwipe – its like psychology without the psycho


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