Clear your mind - iSwipe
Mind the gap - iSwipe
Mind the gap - iSwipe
Mind the gap - iSwipe

Clear your mind

Life is full of experiences. The mark they leave can be negative or positive causing your brain to either avoid or repeat the event whenever a similar moment occurs. The iSwipe method pinpoints where your mind has stored the bad experience, interrupts the connection and allows your neurology to rebalance. We are clearing negative experiences and upgrading your thoughts in a ‘swipe’.

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Better results icoon - iSwipe

Better results

If you or your child is great in subject A and gets poor results in subject B then more homework is not the answer. The iSwipe method can accelerate learning by clearing negative associations to subjects that are stored in the biofield. We are clearing dyslexia in just a few sessions.

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Phobia free icon - iSwipe

Phobia free

When it comes to phobias, with over twenty years of experience in clearing phobic responses, Matt Hudson is truly Dr Fear. No matter what your phobia is Matt and his team of iSwipe professionals will work with you to remove any traces of fear. iSwipe gives you back power and control over your life.

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Enhanced performance icon - iSwipe

Enhanced performance

Do you ever wonder what is the difference that makes the difference? The iSwipe method allows people to enhance their performance and even accelerate injury recovery. We are all learners, the educational approach developed by Matt Hudson will fuel you towards success.

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Burn-out prevention icon - iSwipe

Burn out prevention

It’s no use closing the gate after the horse has bolted. It’s an old saying that holds true for burn out. At iSwipe we would rather prevent the burn out then work with putting you back together again. There is usually time to intervene long before the burn out happens.

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Self development, Steve

It’s hard to believe that after years of struggling with my problem that you were able to just swipe it from my Screen...I didn’t even know I had a Screen!”

Anxiety, Nele

It was a fascinating conversation with Matt. He immediately put me at ease and was genuinely interested in my story. I have been troubled by anxiety for a while and am not sleeping well because of this. Matt offered a solution that allowed me to put the nightmares in my sleep in perspective. Now I sleep like a baby the whole night.

Self development, Daniel

An insightful and engaging process. Thank you

Start your own story

In order to help others to be free of their mental or physical issues, we need you and that is why we have dedicated this area to you so other’s can learn about your journey to recovery. Yes, we know that you have been everywhere else, struggled for years and didn’t believe how simple, fast and effective iSwipe is… Tell us your story!

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Introdution day

Introduction day 19 May

€ 180,- incl. VAT
/ 9.30 AM until 4.30 PM

Why is it that some people don't seem to have as many troubles or struggles? Is it that people are just born lucky? Come and discover the secret to a successful life. 

Personal Development Weekend

Personal Development Weekend 25 May

€ 199,- incl. VAT
- / 9.30 AM till 4.30 PM

You are more than welcome at our Personal Development Weekend. Say yes to a stress-free life and solve your problems forever! 

Our iSwipe coaches are waiting to help you reach your goal. Young or old, it is never too late to begin living the life that you have always dreamed of.


There are several reasons for developing burn out, none of which will point you to your Biofield and how the context or situation that you are in is triggering your amygdala. The iSwipe method can help you with a personal session.



iSwipe clears your mind, leaving you to think, act and be smarter. We can have a direct impact on your organisation. We help by enhancing people, performance and profits.


Enhancing Performance and Accelerating Recovery with iSwipe

Matt Hudson, author and Behavioural Change Consultant, believes that he has found how to influence the Central Governor without the need for performance enhancing drugs or gadgets.

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I awoke this morning with one word in my mind…

We have a cure. A cure that is beyond reproach.

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An Introduction to the Biofield

Have you ever considered that you might extend beyond the limits of your physical body? Or have you ever walked down a street, minding your own business, and instinctively turned to see that someone was looking at you?

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